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First time set-up

First time set-up

The first time you run MistServer it will need some initial setup. This can be either through the terminal or the first time you access the browser interface. If terminal output is available the terminal will always take priority over the browser interface.


If running from an interactive terminal, an interactive first time set-up prompt will appear and walk you through this. You will get to make an account and decide whether the defaults for Protocols will be used. We recommend using the defaults the first time you try out MistServer.

Browser Interface

If not running from an interactive terminal, the first time set-up can instead be performed by pointing your browser at port 4242 of the host running MistServer. To connect with the interface use your browser of choice to connect to:


where address is either the server host name or ip address.

A web-based version of the first time set-up will then appear to perform the same task.