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For integration with other systems, MistServer provides several methods:

  1. The main method is the API, which allows configuration changes as well as direct control over various aspects of MistServer while it is running.

  2. For easily grabbing data about specific streams, there is the info handler integrated into the HTTP output.

  3. The triggers system allows receiving notifications of nearly any event, as well as changing the behaviour of MistServer.

  4. The prometheus instrumentation allows gathering live statistics on your MistServer instance

  5. The Websocket API allows for live reading of MistServer's status. It reports all data available and then updates in real time.

  6. The generic writer allows for the creation of your own custom outputs through scripts. This is great if you need media output in a certain way for compatibility reasons.

  7. The custom variables allow you to set short hands for commonly used strings or even set up basic scripting within MistServer.

All of these will be further explained in the following subsections.